Plymouth Electrical Tape Group Photo

Plymouth Vinyl &
Rubber Electrical Tapes

Tapes for the World from NTE Electronics, Inc.

With over 100 years of experience, Plymouth Rubber is recognized worldwide for its quality tapes distributed in more than 63 countries. Throughout the history of Plymouth, they have been continuously developing new products to meet the need of customers. Plymouth has a broad line of Electrical Tapes, Tapes for Telecommunications Purposes, Mining Tapes, and Industrial Tapes.

General Applications

  • Vinyl Electrical Tape
  • Friction Tape
  • Duct Tape
  • Low Voltage Rubber Tape
  • High Voltage Tape
  • Tinned Copper Shielding
  • Insulting Mastics
  • Special Purpose

Telecom Applications

  • Vinyl Tape
  • Rubber Tape
  • Special Items
  • Insulation Mastics

Mining Applications

  • Jacket Repair Wrap
  • Rubber Mastic
  • GLF2 Cable Splices
  • Terminal Wrap
  • Cable Repair
  • Cable Preparation Kit
  • Shielding Tape