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The ECG division of NTE has a good selection of chemicals, heat sink compound and wipes to fit most any need.

Heat Sink Compound
This group includes both silicone and non-silicone based thermal heat sink compounds.

Cleaners, Degreasers, and Washes
This group includes a selection of various cleaning products. Heavy duty solvent cleaners, glass and plastic cleaners, electronic equipment de-greasers, electronics wash, and contact cleaner.

The RX7000 is the perfect companion butane for our ECG butane torches and soldering irons. It’s a professional grade, non-clogging butane fuel that is CFC and HCFC free.

Dusters / Air
This group includes two different dusters or air. The RX1100-10 is the original ECG Jet-Air cleaner. This item is ideally suited for cleaning all electronic products since it uses the 134a propellant. The RX1152-10 is our economy based duster and is recommended for cleaning all non-electronic items. It is comparable to the pressurized air sold in office supply, big box stores, and general home repair stores. This item uses 152a as the propellant.

This selection includes the RX1500-100 isopropyl/alcohol wipes in a 100 count tub and the RX2100-48 hydrotangled cellulose/polyester C-fold wipes in a 48 count package.

The RX100-10 is anti-static circuit refrigerant, a.k.a freeze spray. It’s the perfect weapon in anyone’s arsenal when they encounter intermittent circuit problems. It is ideal for fast tracking circuit intermittents and is free of any CFC and HCFC.

The RX1900 is a general duty defluxer in a 4 ounce aerosol with a brush attachment. It is non-ozone depleting, safe on most plastics, rapidly evaporating and leaves no residue.

The RX2200 is a multi-purpose, silicone lubricant that provides a thin, non-staining protective barrier. The rapidly penetrating formula eliminates sticking, squeaking, and seizing. Safe on most plastics and paints.

The RX166 Strawkeeper keeps the straw attached to the container, so you will never lose your straw again.

Used for:

  • Repair Services, Mechanical, Industrial