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A Broad Line of High Quality Capacitors

NTE capacitors are designed for both the most demanding applications and those not requiring tough characteristics. They are perfect for many applications including:  industrial, consumer, commercial and MRO.

This broad line includes:

  • Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors:  NTE’s 105°C radial lead VHT series, and the radial lead 85ºC NEV series aluminum electrolytic capacitors are our best sellers, however we can also still supply the electrolytic capacitors in axial lead, NEH series.  They are available with voltage ratings from 6.3volts to 450volts and capacitance values from 0.10µfd to 22,000µfd. They are perfect for applications requiring high capacitance, small size, and low cost. Recently added is our new Ultra Miniature types. These new compact types are all 5mm in height and are perfect in those applications where space is at a premium. 
  • Tantalum Capacitors:  6.3V, 10V, 16V, 20V, 25V, 35V, and 50Volt ratings. NTE’s TD series are designed for entertainment, commercial and industrial applications. They have sintered anodes and solid electrolyte.
  • Ceramic Disc Capacitors:  50V and 1000V versions. NTE’s 89000 and 90000 series capacitors are commonly used in consumer electronics and telecommunications equipment.
  • Mylar/Polyester Capacitors:  50V, 100V, 250V, 440V and 630V versions. NTE’s MLR series come with a hard epoxy coating to provide excellent protection against moisture.
  • Motor Run Capacitors:  NTE’s MRC (oval case) and MRRC (round case) series is a range of AC metallized capacitors. These capacitors are most often used in motor run, HVAC, lighting, and power supply applications. Available in oval and round cases they are available in 370VAC and 440VAC versions. Dual capacitance versions are also available. All come with standard 0.250 inch four bade quick connect terminals.
  • Motor Start Capacitors:  NTE’s MSC series is a range of AC electrolytic capacitors most often used to provide the torque necessary to start AC motors. All feature a round case with recessed 0.250 inch quick connect terminals. They are available with 125VAC, 250VAC and 330VAC ratings.
  • Ceiling Fan Capacitors:  NTE’s CFC series is a range of metallized polyester film capacitors designed expressly for ceiling fan applications. They are a self-healing flat capacitor winding with a polyester film dielectric mounted in a flame retardant plastic case with an epoxy resin end seal. Available in single capacitance (2 Wire) and Dual capacitance (3 Wire) configurations.